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More on Monopoly, Rent & Resource Extraction, plus Inappropriate Scientific Peer Review

A social system which aims to settle its consumption of resources within the ecological renewal of those resources, must remove the parasitic effects of enclosure. Enclosure bleeds productivity without a returning productivity and so is destructive to good house-keeping. Rent … Continue reading

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Reclaiming Commons through Land Value Tax, or a Wing and a Prayer

There are estimates which present the power of a litre of petrol as equivalent to two to three weeks of manual labour. On one hand, that suggests a lot of hard physical work ahead – on the other, that limp … Continue reading

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As I look across our fields I can see the deepening, or paling green of rotations. The deeper the colour, the swifter the flow of life and the greater the harvest yield. Life has energy – increased speed indicates increased … Continue reading

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