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The Flimsy Ladder to Solid Ground- Part Two

Having arrived on Earth and become subject to her laws, I find it very hard to communicate with my friends and neighbours. Though we stand together on the same soil, nevertheless, we are subjects of very different realms. Theirs is … Continue reading

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ON FLIMSY LADDERS, or Flimsy Ain’t Nothing. Flimsy is All.

We float above living Earth in a life supplied by fossilised life.  Amoral monopolies controlled by careless elites, manipulate how we work, play and endorse those monopolies by their marketing arms – the political parties. Meanwhile, we levitate above laws … Continue reading

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The Delightful Fall from Monopoly to Familiar Humanity

The end of fossil fuels requires that we shed what those fuels had once supplied. Commercial aviation, large container shipping, ring roads, motorways, retail parks, super markets, suburbia, the family car… No renewable energy source can supply those things. No newspaper, … Continue reading

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