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The Borderline and the Footstep

Peer review is not a source for curious and diverse perceptions to enrich and steer academic courses towards a new, or revised fruitfulness. On the contrary, it is more likely to bring curious and diverse perceptions back on the old … Continue reading

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There’s Much that Don’t Matter a Fig

There are no new ideas. There is new circumstance. Tools are adapted to changed circumstance using unchanged, inherited thought processes. Artistry such as storytelling, song and depiction, recasts inherited, immutable morals to fit newly-revealed circumstance. There are no new morals. … Continue reading

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Casino Collapse and Economic Collapse Need Not be the Same (How my convivial economy and David Fleming’s Lean Economy converge)

Here are some simple ideas. If both work and pleasure can be a walk or short cycle ride from our doors, then the energy demands of a culture will suddenly become much simpler and will also shrink. The time demands … Continue reading

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