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Foreword to the new Book (possibly)

These essays, with one exception, have been written over the last six months as small havens against the turbulence of the times. Storms are yet to come in Europe (they’ve arrived with a tragic vengeance elsewhere), but a shaky political … Continue reading

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The Moon Behind the Casino

The travelling moon casts tree shadows across my field in time and space – time crossing space. Time passes. Space mutates. Though my hand moves space, time is unresponsive. Often, there is insufficient time for my hand to mould sufficient … Continue reading

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Beauty is Truth and Truth Beauty

It’s hard to avoid engagement with the rights and wrongs, wisdom, or foolishness of those who live inside the wild consensus to cause mass extinctions and climate change. Otherwise, we remain silent whenever we meet a friend, colleague, or neighbour, … Continue reading

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The End of Theism and Atheism – The Return of the Ancestors

Once upon a time, and everywhere, ancestral voices guided proper behaviour. Despotism was dwarfed by power of the dead. Commons preserved those older voices in gifts of good soil; good water; good place – received as legacy of past behaviour … Continue reading

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