Two Small Thoughts on Behaviour and Climate Change

We measure climate change as an abstract idea balanced against the real problems of our lives. We see the truth of climate change, just as we understand that Earth is roughly spherical. We laugh at both flat-Earthers and climate change deniers.

We also understand that our ways of life cause climate change, but in the scales, living as we do has weight, while climate change, being but an understood idea – such as, say, Murphy’s law – has none.

But the truth is that we live by delusive ideas, while climate change is reality.


That’s one thought. Here’s another.

We currently measure that weight of our lives (whose mass of problems out-weighs the problems of climate change) as insignificant relative to the vast weight of corporate and political power.

The truth is that governments and corporations are abstractions without weight, while our lives (though pursuing delusion) have weighty footsteps. We create the effects of the will of governments and corporations by our own actions. They have no physics to do so. Governments and corporations do not cause climate change. We do, one by one.

So, we use the abstract thought that corporate and government power seems vast to make it conveniently purposeless to act morally ourselves. We sign petitions to corporations and governments to improve their non-existent behaviour and we vote in democracies for the least-worst candidate for utterly abstract power.

Al Gore’s – An inconvenient truth remains and it rules our lives.

We are deluded, because –

Firstly – we ordinary people are the causal physics of climate change.

Secondly – only ordinary people and one by one, can stop causing climate change.


Governments, corporations and their disseminators – the BBC and our particularly chosen newspapers – are voices in our heads – coercing bad behaviour.

Why lobby governments and corporations to behave better, when it is only through us, the lobbyists, that they can behave at all?


Once upon a time, church; temple; mosque… – that is, perennial, ancestral tradition – out-weighed the ephemeral coercion of power.

We cannot conjure those social commons from thin air. Neither can we easily revive them from enclaves of dying embers.

It all points to ourselves – as Tolstoy pointed out, The Anarchists are right in everything. And as another religious leader once advised, the kingdom is within you.


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