EU delusions

Green-house gas emissions rise slightly faster than increasing renewable energy can replace fossil fuels. Today fossil fuels account for 81% of energy consumption, while in 1988, they accounted for 79%.

But, because gross world product has increased, total energy consumption has wildly increased between those dates, – CO.2 emissions in 2017 were 60% higher than in 1990.
It is plain that the ways we live today cannot be greened. We must immediately and utterly change how we live, or be changed forever by flood, storm and famine.
It is tragic that increases in renewable energy production and also the increasing cheapness and so economic justification for it, have evoked a complacent delusion that we are heading to a greener world.

Those who have just marched for the liberal values of the EU are engaged in a similar and directly related delusion. The EU project depends on both economic growth and amoral corporate supply. It is happy to green that supply, but not to end it – so that greenhouse gas emissions will continue to rise. The EU project depends on the ways of life and consumption, which cause climate change – and also cascading ecosystems.
All human energy must be directed to finding ways to live happily (or happily enough) within ecological restraints.

The undoubted truth that the EU provides more pleasant company than the currently foul political leadership of the UK, should not distract us from the truth that both lead us to the same destruction – just that in one, we’ll have more convivial company. The flood, famine & storm will remain the same.


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