Possible Foreword

Climate change is upon us and so what follows is very much more of the same, because the same is accelerating in its malignant potency and the very same that has been said, needs to be said with an even greater urgency.
In just the nine months that the following has been gestating, it has become apparent, not in theory, but in palpable effects, that the benign, self-regulating life-cycles of the Holocene, which have enabled all that we call civilisation, are escaping, like wind from a punctured Earth, into dead linear chaos – the causes and effects of fossil-fuelled and bio-fuelled human cultures.
The Anthropocene is not too grand a term, because our anthromorphic stupidity is monumental. Here lie settled human cultures, beneath the storm, flood, fire, drought and desert sand of their own making.
Images of a bloke sawing trunk-side of the branch he’s sitting on, or thinking he can eat his cake (or his Earth) and also have it, are classic slap-stick comedies. The same plots are also tragic. Tragedy is of the heart, comedy of the mind. The heart knows what is deeply true, but comedy has the solutions, because it has tools to fight what breaks the heart.
The tragedy of a consumed Earth is too great to bear. Even the comedy seems too glib; too clever by half… and so we shut down both mind and heart.
There is a place where we may pass the deeply heart-felt; the deeply treasured, between generations. It is called the common. It needs vigorous comic revival.
There remains a small chance that we can heal our punctured Earth and live convivial lives inside those self-sustaining living cycles. The odds are against it. We can only change the odds by changing how we live – by changing the causes of the Anthropocene.
Banks, corporations, governments and their propaganda departments – newspapers, radio and television stations, such as the BBC and Guardian newspaper, are busy persuading us not to change – to rely on marvellous, yet-to-be-devised technologies, combined with the supply of green consumer choices and the elite’s similar “provision” of liberal democracy.
All will be provided – each from its particular, specialist enclosure.
This little book argues to the contrary. We can only change the culture by first changing ourselves and we can only find ourselves, by stepping onto the common.
If we think, in the ecomodernist manner, that we can find “renewable” sources to power our currently-massive energy demands, then we’ve not a hope in hell. Ingenuity cannot replace resources. We will shortly have consumed the Earth.



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