The Wrong Kind of Panic

This is a panic pandemic. Be still everyone. Listen quietly. You are distracted. What’s that approaching thunder? It’s the heating of the world – flood, famine, unbearable temperatures, then RIP humanity. We can only escape it, if we achieve zero human emissions by 2035.

I don’t mean net zero emissions, I mean zero. I mean that you and I must find ways for both work and pleasure to be walking distance from everyone’s door. Nothing less will do. Nature will not save us with a dispensation sequestration – with a pardon, or indulgence from the Offices of Soil. We did what we must now undo. Afterwards, we’ll see if we can humbly sit within natural laws with a minimum of our old disruptions. We’ve been utterly unruly.

Today, we drilled spring corn and combining peas – life goes on, even in this panic pandemic, dozens of linear vapour trails crossed an otherwise clear blue sky. Evidently, we have not panicked enough, although the virus has forced us to kerb some profligate behaviours. Shut your eyes and listen to that blackbird sing – our next Amazon purchase brings closer, the end of all such lovely things.

To be sure, we are self-isolating – leaving produce in the honesty box at the head of our lane – our son has not completed his chemotherapy and his parents are seventy-year olds. But I cannot fathom why 2020’s virus is any worse than those of recent years. There’s something fishy in the state of Denmark, though what it is, I haven’t a clue. Skulduggery is supposed to be silent and invisible to an ordinary geezer, like me. Conspiracy theories pervert true thought.

It’s strange for anyone to say, the world will end for humanity – it should be ridiculous. However, it is simple truth.

However, it seems that everyone has a new dispensation for delaying a response – some newly-powerful negative emission hidden up their sleeves, or a convenient virus to “force us” to look the other way.

No state in Erd here stadis sicker
As with the winde, wavis the wicker
So wavis this worldes vanitee
Timor mortis conturbat me


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