Who Owns the Me of Me?

How do we trigger a thirst for knowledge and so of particular remedies, particularly-applied to particular problems? – Not by education. Education, alongside rent for almost universal enclosures of land, money and “educated” status, have together made such ingenuity the exclusive property of both the educated and the landed/moneyed. Other knowledge is thought to have no “authority”. In short, the unique experiences and perceptions – the intelligence of un-patented people is thought to have neither autonomy, nor personal authority. The patent – the licence; the ownership; the doctorate, is everything. Commons of ancestral (not ephemeral) guidance, family and cultural traditions and of the moral probity of the trades have been excluded to the shanty town. It is an apartheid system. All that has not been enclosed is crowded into an amusing and tiny village green. The economy survives there, (comically) as it can – earnestly told to live within its means, while the casino of rising and falling currencies, usuries, bonds, stocks and shares, governs people’s lives. It does not “govern the world”. It is unaware of the world. It has no intelligence of it. Species cascade, CO.2 is wildly disbalanced, human food sources rapidly decline, poverty accelerates, and all the while no authority reacts. For instance, “climate change scientists” publish interesting papers about climate into a world of enclosed ideas without substance – negative emissions, CCS… All is levitated into the modernist dream. Enlightenment need not touch the ground, where the ordinary people live. The thing about modernity is, it sleeps, out of time, perennially in the past. For about two hundred years it has remained an impossible slumber. Now, it will destroy itself.
Truly, I think that schools and universities are killing solutions to the causes of species extinctions and climate heating – that is, our profligate lives and their effects. As R D Laing said all those flowery years ago, “The life I am trying to find, is the me, who is trying to find it.” Similarly, we can say, the solution I am trying to find is the self, which is trying to find it. Who else knows my life, but me? Who else has power to change me? Who but me, can stop me taking that holiday flight? Modernity’s enclosures banish the me of me to the shanty town. Only there, in that pocket handkerchief of common can I reclaim it. From there we must expand. We must choose the ridiculous, because as G K Chesterton might have said, only in the ridiculous, can we make sense.
That could be the climate activist’s slogan – “Who owns the me of me?”
Respect for the career-hungry and ridicule for truth-hungry innocence is creating an economy, which is blind to reality and fervent for the received enlightenment of career/peer-reviewed ideas. Of course, innocence is the truly receptive state. It fits the territory, we now inhabit – uncharted by anyone, anywhere, and any-when in history.
As often though – only the clown and the child can speak truth to the king. After your first joyous footstep – one that is yours and yours only, will you retreat back into the enclosures, afraid of the ensuing, peer-reviewed laughter?

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2 Responses to Who Owns the Me of Me?

  1. Michelle says:

    Great posts, I really don’t know how it is but I seem as busy as ever these days, what with the hours a day trying to understand what an economy even is anymore. The way we live now – under a perpetual cloud of confusion and anxiety – is perhaps much closer to how people lived before what Latour calls “the Modernist parenthesis,” that Normal that we willy-nilly, kicking and screaming, left behind in March.

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  2. bryncocyn says:

    Thanks Michelle, like you, my head hurts – my heart too. The virus chaos gives hope for something good and true to emerge from the ashes – or the opposite. I was thinking of Latour as I wrote – thanks to you – The only chance I have for reading is in the late evening and then my eyes close after a page or two – so I’m not far into his Inquiry. I do love it. I hope your beef sales are keeping up. As for me, I’ve hopes of revived markets much more close to home, than those, which have previously sustained us – local people are seeking us out. Will they evaporate back to the retail park, when the virus has run her course?


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