The Dark

That my reality of collapsing ecosystems and catastrophic climatic disbalance is not the reality of anyone I meet, is driving me into the dark. I do not know how long I can endure total isolation. I may not emerge at all. And my “on-line” contacts seem, but for the fingers of one hand, as unreal as my family and friends. The most august “climate scientists” treat climate heating as an abstract idea, the nuances of which bring them to heated discussions with their peers – who form themselves into schools of thought. That’s how they spend their days. To them, climate projections are realised abstract ideas to be defended, while their climate-collapsing lives remain real, but not important and needing no defence. The real destructive force of their lives is outweighed by their own abstract solutions to that destruction. So, they subconsciously decide that their lives must go on unchanged, and also that arguments about solutions should also go on unchanged. An academic career in climate change, becomes more important than the climate change itself.

Similarly, academics create models for steady-state, circular, or doughnut economies and, because of their status (doctorate, professorship) present their findings to governments and corporations. It’s nice to move in such circles.
Not one of those economists has courage to accept that any of those solutions would cause total economic collapse – mass unemployment, crashing tax revenues and so collapsing social and hard infrastructures.
A steady state economy is one we can adopt, only after collapse. Indeed, collapse is essential to their birth. Any future must first embrace the deep tragedy of collapse, before re-building can begin.
No economist that I’ve encountered is brave enough to profess that truth. Instead, they speak in the language that the powers will understand – that is, in nice, little, spun illusions.
There is no way out from our predicament than tragedy. I can embrace that. It is the unreality, which kills.
Satellite imagery will record no difference before and after collapse – roads, bridges, harbours, towns, hills, woods and fields will all remain the same.
That is our destination – changed people – same Earth.

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2 Responses to The Dark

  1. Joshua Msika says:

    I empathise. I think that’s why I felt a paradoxical relief when lock-down started. Finally, everyone was realising that all is not well with the world. Other people felt their anxiety increase, mine decreased as my lived reality started to align more with the emergency in my head.

    Isolation is never total. Though she is battered and bruised and but a shadow of what she was and will be again, Nature in her myriad manifestations is always there for us, waiting for us to turn to her for solace. We are made of the same stuff as she. Trees exude chemicals formulated to entrance you and to lift your spirits. We have been following the delightful dart and swoop of songbirds since before we were human. Seek companionship there and you are guaranteed reciprocation. You’re programmed for it, deep in your bones!


  2. bryncocyn says:

    Amen! Our orchard is heady with blossom at the moment – intoxicating – and the sounds – honey bees, bumbles. Small birds seem to love an orchard too – we’ve a score of species twittering, flitting and often in full song. I can’t identify them all, so that’s my current quest. We’ve(in just that two acres of apples) several warbler species, fly catchers…. – they flit before me so fast I can seldom get a proper view.

    And then the landscape stretches out to the Clwydian hills, or the sea, or Snowdonia and sometimes you feel what Edward Thomas felt –

    And for that minute a blackbird sang – and round him, mistier, further and further – all the birds of Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire.


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