Let’s be Tragi-comic

I propose that what most prevents us from evacuating both our crazy infinite-growth model and our equally crazy destruction of the natural world (which houses, clothes and feeds us) is our inability to embrace and choose the tragedies through which we must first pass to settle within Earthly means.
All roads back to Earth, must first pass through total economic collapse. We must face that, but we don’t.
We create fantasies, such as net emissions, or models to slow economies, which conveniently ignore the collapse, which would ensue by their application – that is, for all growth-driven modernity.
I include ideas of green technological progress; of man-centric enlightenment; of cures for all diseases; of modernity as replacement for errors of the past; of future-created tools, which will solve current predicaments; of education as synonym for enlightenment…
The truth is, that we can only effectively apply the doughnut, or circular, or steady-state economies after collapse. Developed “economies” are now levitated so high above their terrains, that little more than a pin-prick will bring them down about our real and trembling human forms. As we wait for that collapse, we should all be busily building inter-connected homes inside the terrains, which must feed, house and clothe us. Only there, can we think of “the circular economy” and only there can we consider the common bonds that may bind communities, instead of prevalent pictures of fear, hate and bunkers. That economy must accept the rubble and ashes – the pain, unemployment, cold and hunger, which will be a part of collapse. The tragedy will come and we should embrace it now, just as we should embrace any truth. Because of that – doughnut, circular and steady-state models, begin with a lie. They refuse to evacuate the bad and to settle the good.
Tragedy is something artists have embraced in every century. If it exists, we must morally-embrace it as necessary. As I say frequently, comedy and tragedy have identical plots – so comedy is useful too. Let’s be tragi-comic to keep “noble” tragedy at bay. Noble tragedy is narcissism – that silhouette on the hill-top against a wild sky – that hubris…
Pointing out the above has frozen me out from every “green” forum, which used to publish my articles – for some, because of my experience of sequestration and of my refusal to accept models, which include net emissions – for others, for my criticism of “the doughnut without collapse”.
This web site has a tiny – no, smaller than tiny influence. Traffic is very, very, very small.
Ah well, that’s rather comic.

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