I Said, I’d not Speak of Viruses (having small knowledge), but I’ve Changed my Mind

People are shocked by the Tory government’s behaviour during Coronavirus, when it had been elected to do exactly what it is doing. I cannot fathom why people are shocked, since it was our choice and also the choice of the BBC and the bulk of other media organisations (including the Guardian). It promised deregulation, privatisation, decreased taxation for the rich and increased burdens for the poor. It promised a firm hand to repel and persecute black and brown people, an easing of police regulation (though no increased funding). It promised increased limits to liberty to both protest and hold public gatherings. It promised to limit democratic governance and to increase powers of arrest. Many of those powers were promised to private mercenary and “security” firms, who were also offered the management of prisons. It promised to privatise education, probation services and many other services besides. It promised to accelerate the slashing of environmental and human rights legislation and thus also to increase the power of private enterprise.
It promised (by plain implication, not text) to hand both medical supplies and treatments (pharmaceuticals, vaccines…) to the patent-spurred “ingenuity” of private enterprise. Similarly, by implication, it promised profit to that private enterprise by allowing private patents for work done by public taxation – thus further reducing accountable infrastructure.
It proposed to enclose tax-generated and so common infrastructures into private properties – without the acts of parliament formerly necessary for all such enclosures.
Why does the Left affect outrage at what it had itself achieved by the fictional demonisation of Jeremy Corbyn? Without the liberal Left; without the Guardian newspaper, Mr Corbyn would now, by normal democratic process, be prime minister. That is no conspiracy theory, it is simple truth.
Of course, much of the above will be maintained by Mr Keir Starmer. The Liberal Left chose him, because it also chose corporate-supplied consumerism, which is exactly what we have now. It chose a more policed, yet diminished state. It chose what it now rails against – that is, a politicised virus. Coronavirus has been politicised to open the UK door to stateless, private spoils of war. Yet the virus is promoted as an enemy to be defeated by a united nation – a little and glorious England (forgetting N Ireland, Scotland and Wales), which against overwhelming odds and by the universal self- sacrifice of her people, will eventually, scarred, limping, but unwavering, emerge victorious from the trenches.
That the virus is just a virus and that species can neither function, nor evolve without viruses, is brushed behind the door by both the “stick to the patent-extraction of the science” of the liberal left and the battlefield – the survival of the “fittest” – of the extreme right.

Don’t forget – no never forget, that the Third Reich was financed, enabled and industrialised (contrary to its ideals) entirely by private enterprise, which throughout the terror, continued to extract large profits from both the Reich and from those increasing spoils of war.
Wars will always make a few very rich indeed.
Listen! There is no war. There are collapsing ecologies and there is a wildly disbalancing climate. Look after your family, friends and neighbours, protect the vulnerable, but turn away from the illusion of a battlefield. Neither is the ecological and climatic crisis an alternative battlefield. We are not under attack. Every citizen is receiving the effects of her own causes. The real battlefield is private, personal and epic. It is with ourselves. Please engage. Study ourselves, and we may find answers to many questions.



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