The Cess Pit

I am certain that Keir Starmer has had his audience with Rupert Murdoch and that terms have been set for a Labour victory at the next election. I think that the bargain means the abandonment of Labour’s commitment on climate change – the removal of the “by 2030” and the re-instatement of “by 2050”. It will mean vigorous promotion of “net zero” (a fiction) and the ridicule of true zero as a fairy land. A green new deal will probably go ahead, but it will be a deal, not for communities, but for corporations. It will be proposed that the “big players” have most effect and so they, above all else must be encouraged to green. Massive corporate fortunes will be made, and consumer dependency will be re-enforced.

Corporation tax and action on tax havens will be mentioned, but also engineered to have no effect. I’m not sure how the new government will handle tax rates – there may be some action to prove that we have a Labour government – likewise a Murdoch concession may be to return much of EEU’s human rights legislation – again to prove that we have a Labour government.

Of course, every one of the new right-wing Labour MPs have been vigorous supporters of a united Europe – that is of corporate-supplied consumerism. Both the corporate powers behind him and Murdoch himself, would be more than happy to negotiate re-entry. UK electorates would be overwhelmingly supportive. Plainly, Europe is where the money lies. The utter chaos induced by the extreme right of a Johnson government will have proved useful for the final enclosure of tax-generated commons – common infrastructures of governance, such as schools, the NHS, law enforcement, civil service, road networks… Having secured those enclosures, re-entry to Europe is plainly the lucrative choice for all those new privatisations. It will be the corporate choice.

The Labour government will be hailed by both the Murdoch press and most of the electorate, as the government of enlightenment – of the return of common sense.

Meanwhile, we’ll have a relaxed and compliant consumer. We’ll have the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. We’ll have, in effect, the return of Tony Blair. We’ll have continuation of the arms trade and of destructive wars. We’ll have vicious military alliances – a reign of terror by US, UK, Saudi, Israeli, EEU and so on, to bring chaos to all cultures, which follow ancient social commons and religions, which are contrary to those of corporate supplied consumerism. That is, we’ll maintain the current status quo. So, climate heating and species extinction will accelerate and the survival of human cultures will gain an even shorter span.

I think this is about to unfold. The Johnson government is so incompetent that it is digging its own grave. Murdoch waits gleefully for the perfect moment to spring the trap. Then the front page “revelations” will come – the “exclusive” new news – and the quiet man, the “steady pair of hands”, the former Director of Public Prosecutions will emerge on the stage as anointed King.

Who’s for evacuating the cess pit?


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