The Cess Pit, Part Two

Evacuation of the cess pit and a vast re-gathering on common ground, seems to me the last and only resort, to avoid human extinction – and also that of just about every species with whom we’ve evolved throughout the benign climatic period, which we all, in Northern Europe, the USA and so on have decided to end.

Of course, the world’s poor, including the poor in Europe and America have had no, or very little climatic effect. In UK terms, it has been caused by people with incomes above, let’s say £10,000 a year. Most of the world’s poor command far, far less than that – to the worst extent of a single bowl of rice per day. In truth, the trajectory of planetary heating is more accurately measured by a nation state’s GDP and its citizen’s contributions to that figure – rather than by the extremely-flawed modelling of the IPCC.

The emergence of a truly great man inside the cess pit, who’s intention was to lead us out – or rather for ourselves to lead us out, with himself as advocate – I mean Jeremy Corbyn – was a sudden beacon of hope for very many millions of UK citizens. His vilification by the right-wing press and of the new extreme right-wing of the BBC, was having little effect. That was to be expected. A landslide victory at the 2017 election was assured. It was the vilification by Labour’s right-wing MPs and of corruption within Labour’s publicity machine, and also of the relentlessly-manufactured, vile propaganda by the Guardian newspaper, which brought about the hung parliament.

Even then, a Corbyn government could easily have been formed in coalition, but for the obstinacy of the Liberal Democrats, the one Green MP, the SNP, and possibly Plaid Cymru (I suspect they could have been swayed). After all, Plaid Cymru and Corbyn’s Labour share almost identical policies. We all know the outcome – the bribery of the UDP and the emergence of an openly fascist government, which was the worst nightmare for all those interests – including the UDP.

Anyway, that’s spilt milk. Now the last choice we have is to evacuate the cess pit and to re-occupy lost commons. Where are the last surviving commons? It is very simple. They are in every household. There, different social rules apply. Here are some universal household rules. I think they apply to communities the world over and they bear no relationship at all to wider social relationships – that is, for the most part. Some communities which are bound by a common religion, or philosophy show that the ethics of home and of larger governance, can share some similarities. Such states are usually the target of vicious military interference by other nation states, which do not.


Within all healthy families, ancient commons survive, in which both chores and pleasures are rationed and shared equally – pleasures include food and drink, toys, musical instruments, leisure time… Chores are allocated duties and obligations according to age and capability. These ethics also survive in wider friendship groups and common interest societies. A good friend is treated much the same as a family member.


These things are forbidden in inter-filial relationships.

Profit, money interest, hidden truths, unkindness, disloyalty, theft… Good friends and common interest groups are subject to the same taboos.


Here, modernist families have radically diverged from those of otherwise universal history. However, ancient commons consider money as a tool for goods purchased, rationed and shared and so it is still considered by very many and usually poorer communities. I quote this often, but Adam Smith (as usual) says it best – Goods can serve many purposes, besides purchasing money, but money can serve no purpose, besides purchasing goods.

So, in evacuating the cess pit we do not begin with nothing. We begin with what we and our friends have always valued most – the ethics of home. Both physically and ethically/spiritually we set out to build a new economy from that very substantial beginning. What if this became infectious and nearly every family set out to do the same? What if we shrugged of the enclosures to re-settle the common again? What if the ethics of home, also became the ethics of wider society? Then, we’d not be in modernity’s perpetual anxiety and unhappiness. We’ve been controlled and coerced to dependency and unhappiness. Why not be happy? – happily, fittingly placed in both wider society and home.

We urgently need both the rationing and good behaviours of commons, the moral and physical value of goods and the worthlessness of money as anything more than a tool for the purchase of those goods.

There’s another law embodied in all ancient commons – The utter pricelessness of the natural world. Valuation of that gift is theft. Valuation is taboo. True-cost accountants take note. It is the foundation of every culture that I can think of in every single part of the world. It is always sacred. Today, that taboo is essential to humanity’s survival inside that same natural world. Tread softly, for you tread on its dreams. This little piece is also a valediction forbidding mourning. It says that cultures are not states to be admired, they are what we do. Doing is in the eternal, sensual present. Morality drives our doing – acceleration due to ethics – to common values. The future does not exist. We make it by our present action. If we do not act, it will very soon, be too late. By all that’s holy, come home.


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