A Tentative and Rather Diffident Post

Dear Friends, My life has been paused by a an embarrassingly-large, cancerous kidney tumour. This morning, I thought – what if I attempt to write a song a day? This is this morning’s song plucked from an hour of my time.

Good Time Rock ‘n Roll with the Addition of Jamaican beach music


Nothin’ anybody can do

Nothin’ anybody can say

My doin’ don’t belong to you

Gonna do it anyway

(musicians – tambourine, tin drum, wash-board, mandolin, clarinet, trumpet…)

Y’ doin’ don’t belong to me

Nothin’ that I can say

I’ve gotta learn to see

Y’ gonna do it anyway

(musicians as above, but then quietening to Jamaican lilt)

Where I belong

The elders sing

Eternal songs

Of all belonging


Livin’ time

‘s mine to hand

By livin’ rhyme

Where children stand


Inhabit commons

Of good behaviour

Time summons

Digger and leveller.


Enclosures shade

The ingenious view

Cultures are made

By what people do


Please come away

To scents and sounds

Bird-song dawn

Sea-shore day


Fields and woods

Where life is found.

Common good

Is common ground


Nothin’ anybody can do – & etc… (Refrain and return of rock ‘n roll)

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5 Responses to A Tentative and Rather Diffident Post

  1. Joshua Msika says:

    Bad news, friend. Is it unexpected?

    I’ve been pondering on some of your recent posts. I’m not sure Jeremy Corbyn was quite the messiah you described, nor that his election was so much to blame on the media. At best, he would have been an Obama-like figure, hamstrung by the system he operated in. There’s also a part of the British popular way of thinking that is reminiscent of Turkeys voting for Christmas, because it’s traditional and in keeping with British values.

    Does your song have a tune?

    Birdsong dawn and seashore day. I like it.

    I wish you strength and grace to deal with your illness.


    • Michelle says:

      Oh yikes, I’m distressed to hear that. I’ll be thinking of you in this time of difficulty and anxiety. Stay amongst us, friend!
      I hear Blake in your song, amongst other echoes.


  2. bryncocyn says:

    Dear Michelle and Joshua – Yes my plan is to stick around. My tumour cannot be killed, but it is possible to keep it at bay for a few years by Immune therapy.(very expensive for the poor NHS).

    Blake Michelle? Nah – It’s just wooden verse manufacture by rote! – an exercise – no magic. Mind you Blake and many others do run through my head – a part of me. Joshua, it does have a tune – the metres (there are three) evoke it.

    I take your point about Jeremy Corbyn being a part of the system, which we must evacuate. But Obama is the wrong comparison. Obama is SIR Keir Starmer. Jeremy is Bernie Sanders – both of whom scared the shit from the money-men. – and neither of whom could be “permitted” to take office. Obama was “permitted”. Both Corbyn and Sanders were set to restore tax-generated commons and to remove tax-generated banks and corporations – and so make it easier for “ordinary people ” such as you and I, to begin the evacuation of the “thing” – as William Cobbet called it.

    Thanks both, for your lovely messages.

    Hey! I’d love to send you both a copy of my new book (poised for the printer).
    Could you email your addresses – I think I have one for you Joshua, so if no change…



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