This Morning’s Song

A Carol (dancing song)


Sweet Mother Nature, give me room to stand

As people once looked back at lost Doggerland


Sweet Mother nature how much can I bring?

What size is the plot to let small birds sing?


Sweet Mother Nature, I’ve plucked Adam’s desires

I’ve rape you and pillaged as my status requires


Sweet Mother Nature, you are haemorrhaging

Rood tree! My slave-tree! I’ve sent no offering


Who am I?


What do I?

The can-can

The two-step

The if I can then you can

The giant step


I’ve stepped in the rose-garden – the honey-suckle bower

Each species selected for a pleasurable hour


I’ve feasted on selections for the finest cuisine

And trashed all the rest by an oil-fed machine


Sweet Mother Nature

I’ve no space

No cure

No embrace

No daughter

No son

No laughter

My name is Man

Of the can-can

My name is oblivion.



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