July Dream Time

Honey-suckle, dog-rose and bramble entwine

above meadow-sweet, hare-bell, marjoram

to evoke deep, ancient Summers which combine

With sensual moments of the great I am!


Just in May, Stitch-wort and wild strawberry

Wood-sorrel and anemone, shone beneath colours

Of campion and bluebell – now a memory

of man-made lanes and long human hours


Now I brush past fox-glove and cow-parsley

As Bronze Age drovers did on this same lane

And as people should as far as time can see

And I, in husbandry of crops I can sustain


Edwin Muir says, we are this side of the Fall

Not Eden, but agriculture – town and farm

but now grown cancerous and just too tall

Silhouette of pale hubris bent on self-harm


Let’s step back in concert. Uncover lost homes

In extensive woods and well-farmed fields

Where seasons pass in their metronome

and we follow, dependant on tribute and yield


Town and village will make and trade

By steps pragmatic as this verse’s feet

In sequence with heart beats as man-made

and natural forces resolve and meet


Where gravity brings water to ingenious hands

Where wind propels sails over dividing seas

Wresting economies for people in durable lands

From dead hands of ecocide, mal-fire, monopolies…


I sing of Cloud Cuckoo land, or so it’s said

While truth is abstract – status and spending

But I prefer real things – living and dead

Love, pulse and breath with no cruel ending






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2 Responses to July Dream Time

  1. Joshua Msika says:

    Patrick, I’ve just found my first comment on your blog. I thought I’d re-post it here:

    “But now I can see only total failure. Moreover it seems to me, that I have no companions.”

    Yes, it is lonely isn’t it? But why is today suddenly much lonelier than yesterday? Why is the failure much more obvious now than before? Has that much changed in your life that your candle is completely out? I think our candle only truly goes out when we accept the lie that we are being told daily (as Winston does at the end of 1984). Instead, simply by refusing to believe, we keep our candles alight.

    The world moves slowly. Seeds of the future(s) are present all around us in the present. They will grow, reproduce and die as a function of their terrain, the season and the care that we give them. Just like any other farmer and gardener, we must remember that seeds have their own life-force. Our work is not to do the growing – seeds do that themselves. Our work is instead to protect, nurture and eventually harvest the seeds – both as our own reward and to sow new seeds for the future. If some of our ideas/plants die or wither in an unexpected cold blast or a drought, we may feel despair but we must sow again. So long as our candle burns, we must keep sowing and nurturing, we can do nothing else.


  2. bryncocyn says:

    Thanks Joshua,
    You are right of course. I’m currently in the process of a seven hour blood transfusion, then another three days for my release from hospital. Anyway, I’m not thinking very clearly – not enough to respond. It’s nice to read a friendly voice though – there’s a whole world when I get home!


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