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The book has now been printed – Walking Home. In which we walk home, beneath the vapour trails to create communities in which both work and pleasure are walking distance from Everyone’s door. Transport is our most destructive activity. We cannot “green” it. Instead we can live lives, which have no need for it. Wonderfully, that is also the road to happiness – convivial town and village centres with orchards and market gardens reclaiming the current desolation of ring road and retail park. We’ve set the price at £10 plus postage and packaging, but please shop at a good bookshop and avoid Amazon. Avoiding Amazon is a small part of walking home.

Here’s a Paypal link for £10 + postage and packing, or alternatively, you can buy from the publisher

Walking Home + UK postage and packing

The book + UK postage & packing £10 + £1.75 = £11.75


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The book + postage and packing £10 + £4.40 postage and packing £14.40


Walking Home plus postage to rest of the world

The book plus postage to the rest of the world £10 + £5.50 = £15.50



book cover Hope you enjoy the journey!

I’m honoured that Lawrence Woodward has written this introduction to the book.


Patrick Noble is a formidable thinker and writer. He is clear-sighted
and honest. He has vision and perspective, which may not be to
everyone’s taste but it is rooted in the experience of decades of
living and working on the land, in a harmonious relationship with
nature, within an area and its culture and therefore, it’s a vision
which cannot be ignored.
On the contrary, it demands attention because Patrick has worked
hard at thinking through and testing these experiences and honing
them into a body of work which is in part philosophical, in part a
penetrating analysis, in part a political manifesto; and as a whole, a
celebration of the rural, the artisanal, the natural, the independent
but communal ecosystem he believes the human spirit thrives in.
His writing is built around working “towards a Convivial Economy”.
This economy and society defy labelling. If you want to find
socialism there, you can; if you want to find Adam Smith’s idea of
“sweet commerce”, it’s there; so are elements of “the Green New
Deal” and Wendall Berry’s “agrarian values”, but none of them in a
manner which conforms to tick boxes. The shape, the form and the
relationship of them to each other and the whole, are moulded in a
way which is uniquely Noble.
Many of Berry’s themes are shared by Patrick but how they are
worked, drawn out and built on are very different. Patrick is a
working farmer who thinks and writes, not a professional writer
who has a farm. But the really important point, and difference, is
that Patrick’s thinking and writing and, from the beginning his
farming, is driven by the urgent need to find real practical solutions
to the social, economic, political and humanitarian crises caused by
living on a planet of finite and diminishing resources, where the
resources are running out, the planet is burning and where its
inhabitants seem pathologically incapable of change.
This book is about change. It’s about how change has to happen and
how farming, food, health, local economies and culture have to be at
the centre of that change. It is challenging – and not just to the
mainstream – it challenges the shallow thinking, the clichés, the hidden agendas and careerism of much of the green and alternative
But it is also uplifting, optimistic and readable. Ultimately, it makes
you feel that the right kind of change is possible and that the
convivial society and economy would be a good place to live in.
Lawrence Woodward, OBE
Lawrence Woodward is a director and co-founder of Beyond GM and
Whole Health Agriculture. Having been a founder and director of the
Organic Research Centre (ORC) for 30 years, Lawrence advises and
speaks about the principles and methods of organic agriculture to a
wide range of organisations. In 2001 he was awarded an O.B.E. for
services to organic farming.




Twitter Reclaiming Commons

Reclaiming Commons will be published on 10th December 2018 by the Smokehouse Press – . It will be available from the author, the publisher, or any good bookshop, for £8.00, plus postage.

Reclaiming Commons

£8.00 plus £2.00 UK Postage


Reclaiming Commons

£8.00 plus £3.00 postage to Europe & Scandinavia


Reclaiming Commons

£8.00 plus £4.00 postage world-wide



Towards the Convivial Economy was published by Smokehouse press on 9th March 2017.  It is available from the author for £7.50, plus postage and packing (£1.50 UK mainland) – or of course, from the publisher, or any good bookshop.

Here’s a Paypal link

Smokehouse Press –

Here is the manuscript. Use it how you please, but with appropriate acknowledgement.



A Midsummer Night’s Dream was published by Smokehouse Press in November 2014


“Could we dream of a better world? Do we have the imagination to link happiness to places, people closely to our planet? These are epic times, and Patrick Noble sets out how to explore the routes to conviviality we may have forgotten we desire. Creating greener economies will take remarkable effort. Here, then, are some brave solutions.” Professor Jules Pretty


“Patrick Noble’s writings preserve the organic movement’s authentic radical spirit” – Dr Philip Conford, author of The Development of the Organic Network.